Game 9 - Yankees 0, ROYALS 4

What in the crap was that? I don't know how you could even begin to analyze the pitching performances last night. The bullpen still looks good minus one Mr. Farnsworth, but what to make of young Ian Kennedy? He gets thrown off his routine and start time, then comes into a game already down two runs. He started off a little wild and gave up two runs, but then settled down for his other two innings. Who knows how he would've performed if he had started.

The one thing that is for certain is that the Yankee lineup is currently a big bowl of suck. Even though it's too early to really panic, this offense is off to a historically slow start. And, with a tough month ahead and a more competitive division this year, you'd like to see them get the wheels rolling soon.

Andy Pettite takes the mound tonight. Let's see if he can regain his past form as a stopper and put this two game losing streak on ice.

Here's a pencil sketch of Farnswroth serving up that home run to John Buck. I wanted to do a little atmospheric pen and ink thing with the rain, but I have to get to work on this Eli painting, and finish this other commission piece by the weekend. So, I apologize for the slight shittiness of today's drawing and, most likely, the next two or three as well.

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