Yankees Flickr Gallery

I've officially begun moving content from craigmahoney.com to various other hosting websites such as flickr. Craigmahoney.com will now act as a gateway to take you to this blog, my art on flickr, music on myspace (if I can't find something better), videos on youtube, and social media sites like twitter and facebook. It'll probably take me a week or so to set it all up, but you can see my Yankee art gallery on flickr now.

Babe & Simms - On Sale

Hey, kids. I'm having a sale on a couple of pieces of original, one-of-a-kind, wrought from my own hands, sports art. If you're interested in snatching one up, drop an e-mail to admin@craigmahoney.com.

"The Babe"
11"x14" marker on paper

"Simm-ply Super"
Autographed by Phil Simms
14"x11" colored pencil on paper


The Pool Or The Pond...

The pond would be good for you.

Apparently, it's good enough for Mickey. In other news, there's a lot of fuckin' rain in NJ.

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Podcast: Tue 03/30/10

 In today's podcast I talk about the rain in NJ, another weird dream I had, privacy and politics in 2010, the latest CM Studios news, flip-flopping on my NJ Nets fandom, Lady Gaga and just being plain-old fabulous.
(WARNING: The CM Podcast contains naughty language.)

Links mentioned in today's podcast:

Monday's Pen, Pencil & Brush Strokes

Yesterday was not the most productive day in the studio, as is evidenced by the half-assed podcast I stumbled and mumbled through, but I did get a few things done here and there: Laying in some shadow on Frank, getting some more details in Jack, and - what the hell? - Batman.


Podcast: Mon 03/29/10

In my latest 'cast I fumble through my irreverent Atheist take on Passover and Easter, explain why too many comic books and movies may be warping my thinking, and finish with a tale of DIY at-home dentistry.
Click here to listen!


The Babe

Here's another pen & marker drawing I did. It's another famous Yankee. His name was George Herman "Babe" Ruth. You may have heard of him.

I'm selling this one, and the Jeter from a previous post, for $75. If you wanna commission a drawing like this for yourself, prices start @ $50.

I gotta say, I love the look of these pieces. I'm gonna be doing a lot more of them.

CM Podcast - Mar 26, 2010

In my latest podcast I talk about my weird dreams, failing at meditation, NJ Gov. Christie's education budget, the NFL's new overtime rule, missing the best NCAA tourney ever, and I introduce the world to the new QPM (Quotes Per Minute) movie rating system.


CM Podcast - Mar 24, 2010

 In the latest podcast I discuss Ann Coulter & Joe Biden's potty mouths, Jersey pride, the latest sports news, Tiger and Jesse James' thinking from their pants, and why the rich are different from you and me.


Whither CraigMahoney.com?

The last week or two 'round the studio, I've been spending time trying to refocus my career a bit and to simplify and streamline things here @ CMHQ. One of the things I'm considering is, rather than finish building the last few pages of craigmahoney.com, completely tearing the thing down. I'd redirect the homepage to this blog, use Flickr to host my portfolio, and host any music I record on MySpace Music. I'd still keep my webhosting account and use it to host my podcast, which I'd post up here, and an online store for all my original art. Any t-shirts or prints I wanted to sell would be through Zazzle or RedBubble.

Now, while that would certainly be simpler for me, would it be easier for you out there in webland? Would you find that too difficult to figure out and navigate? Would it look less professional? I don't look at it as being more complicated because, instead of having to build a number of different pages for my site, I'd just upload content to various websites. The links page at the side of this blog would take the place of the menu on my website. So, what say you? I really do want feedback. Post in the comments below or hit me up facebook and twitter.


The Captain @ The New Place

Here's a drawing done mostly with marker that I finished a week ago, but, for some reason, never got around to posting. So, here it is. I like it a lot. I wanna do a lot more like it.



My absolute favorite day of the year. All you Micks and Pats out there, get out and celebrate and explore your heritage. We need to take this holiday back from those who just want to wear some tacky green shit as an excuse to get loaded. As a gift, I leave these videos:


CM Video Diary #4

Hot on the heels of the blog debut of Video Diary #3 comes the scorching Video Diary #4. Drink deep, friends.

CM Art Auction

Over the course of the week I'll be auctioning off just about every piece of art I still have in my possession on eBay. One of the reasons is, obviously, to raise some much needed dough. The other is that, frankly most of these pieces were created with the specific intention to fill holes in my portfolio. Now that that's done it's time to clear the inventory and get started on some new stuff. So, take a peek over at my seller's page. This could be a great opportunity to pick up some cool memorabilia and big ticket items for a real cheap price, although I'm rooting against that. Personally I hope the bidding hits the low ten thousands.

Craig Mahoney Studios eBay Store

CM Video Diary #3

Man, it feels good to be back online! I lost my internet connection about a week ago, finally got it back now, and I'm trying to catch up on some bidness. First off, here's Video Diary #3 that I shot with my new BlackBerry and uploaded straight to twitter because I don't know how to upload it to anywhere else yet. Enjoy, kids.



Just testing out mobile blogging from my new blackberry.


CM Video Diary #2

In my second video diary entry, I go into a bit more detail on the whole point of the video diaries and get in some work on a new Derek Jeter drawing (with season 3 of Deadwood playing in the background).

Check Out This Art Opening

My friend and colleague, Ellen Martin will have some work hanging in a new exhibit opening this Thursday. Come check it out and say, 'Hi'. Below is a pic of one of Ellen's pieces and the event info. Check out more of Ellen's art here.

Join us on Thursday, March 11th for our opening reception of the
 Pier Village Art Gallery!
  4:oo PM to 7:00 PM 
 8 Centennial Drive
 Pier Village, Long Branch
Exhibited Artwork by Laura Brunetti
 and her Traveling Canvas Series
 along with guest artists:
 Ellen Martin
Ellen Woods 
JoAnn Lense
 Kathy Polenberg
Event Catered by
My Kitchen Witch Cafe of Monmouth Beach
Live Entertainment
 Buy a piece of art during the months of February and March and funds received will benefit the CCIS (Children's Crisis Intervention Services) Unit of the Behavioral Health Center
at Monmouth Medical Center

Big Thanks To These Generous Donors!

I'd just like to take a minute to send a very big 'Thank You' to Kelly, Dennis, Laura, and Bonnie, who all donated a few bucks toward the upkeep of this blog and all its art, music, videos, and podcasts. The donations are greatly appreciated and every little dollar helps keep things going around here. Thank you all.

If you'd like to donate a buck or two, just click that 'Donate' button to the left and follow the instructions.


Video Diary #1

As I prep for a few upcoming shows in April, and generally try to get things in order around this shithole, I'll be posting video diaries of my progress and my process. Here's the first one:


New Photography Show Opening Sunday

Here's a press release I wanted to pass along for another great art show opening in the Monmouth/Jersey Shore area this weekend. The Guild is a cool place and a great resource for local artists. You should definitely check it out.
2010 EyeSights Photography Show Opens at the Guild of Creative Art
The 7th Annual EyeSights Open Juried Photography show, one of the premier photography shows in New Jersey, will have its opening reception at the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury on Sunday, March 7, from 3 - 5 p.m., with an awards ceremony at 4:00. The show will include both monochrome and color photography and work in traditional, digital, or combination styles. The show will run through March 31st.

Ricardo Barros, an internationally recognized artist, educator and mentor, was the judge for the show. He has been the photographer-in-residence at Grounds for Sculpture since its inception. Barros' personal work is in the permanent collection of ten museums, including the Smithsonian Museum of American Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
The Guild of Creative Art is located at 620 Broad Street, in Shrewsbury (across from The Grove). The hours are Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Thursday to 7:00 p.m.) and Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The reception is free and the public is warmly welcomed to attend. For more information, please call 732 -741-1441 or visit: www.guildofcreativeart.org.
Founded in 1960, the Guild of Creative Art is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2010. It is the oldest nonprofit arts cooperative in New Jersey and the largest, with 435 members. The Guild offers a wide diversity of classes for adults, teens, and children as well as hosting monthly exhibits in its gallery

"Earth, Sea, Sky" Art Opening

Just want to pass along info on a show some friends and colleagues of mine are having. If you're in the Long Branch area tonight between 7 & 11pm, swing by the opening for some great art & live music.

"Earth, Sea, Sky" at In Spirit Living featuring artwork by:

Caroline Urbania
Josh "Dogmatic" Matson
Kristin Kruger
Jane Craven
Ksenia Poulber
Rev.Chris Murphy

Live Music by Sunny Daze and Thor!
In Spirit Living Yoga Studio & Art Gallery
560 Broadway Suite 202
Long Branch, NJ 07740
908 433 2395


Save CM Studios

Most of you who follow the various things I do here on the interwebs are aware of my status as a starving artist, as well as the "donate" button on the left of this page. However, I've been a little cagey about the true nature of the dire financial straits I'm in here. Unfortunately, I've been out of work for nearly 3 months with rapidly dwindling resources and little-to-no income. If I can't come up with the rent by the end of this month, I will find myself without a place to live or work. That means no more Craig Mahoney Studios. So, I'm asking all of you who read this blog, who follow me on facebook and twitter, and generally enjoy the art, music, and insanity I produce, to throw a couple of bucks in the till to keep this train rolling.

Now, I'm not asking for charity. I'm asking people to donate some money so that I can keep producing something they enjoy. In turn, I'll keep up my end of the bargain by bringing you even more; new art, music, videos, podcasts and blog posts.

In April, I'll be part of three public art exhibitions and be making my debut as a singer/songwriter with a new band. For the next month and a half I'll be documenting my preparations for these events and my struggles to keep CM Studios going in regular video diaries. I don't know if I'll be able to post a new one every day, but I'm gonna try. You're gonna be in on the band rehearsals, and the drawing and painting process as I mess around with some stylistic changes and new directions in my work. Whether these video diaries become a document of the end of my career or its new beginning remains to be seen.

So, please, if you can spare a couple of bucks to make a donation or buy a t-shirt, drawing, or painting, it will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. And, if you do like what it is I do here, please be sure to spread the word. Thanks.