Game 5 - Yankees 3, RAYS 6

Well, what are you gonna do? I expect Pettite to pitch better than that for the rest of the season, and I certainly expect this lineup to start hitting better than they've been.

It's days like today that I stay away from the Daily News and the radio call-in shows because everybody's looking to start panicking. The fact is, while I'd like the team to get off to a hotter start than they did last year (especially with the brutal schedule they have this month), it's game 5. There are 157 left to play. In fact, if you look at the standings for the AL East and Central today, it looks like they were printed upside down. The Orioles are in first in the East and the Tigers are in last in the Central. So, let's all just hold our collective horses for a bit until May, at the earliest.

Below is a sketch I did of Andy Pettite kicking the dirt while leaving the field in the middle of the third inning. It seemed to kind of sum up the day. Chien Ming goes up against James Shields today to try and stop the skid and notch his second win of the season.

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