Buy Now - Sinatra "In The Wee Small Hours"

The next item I'm adding to the CM online catalog is my Frank Sinatra painting, "In The Wee Small Hours'. Again, I'm knocking a lot off the gallery price to make it more affordable. Honestly, I think this is the coolest piece I've done so far, and makes any room it's in better. For those who missed the last two posts, you can buy my original Yankee art here and my autographed Eli Manning painting here. And, as always, if you can't afford any original art, you can throw a few bucks to the continuation of CM Studios by clicking the "donate" button on the sidebar to the left.

"The Wee Small Hours"
24"x36" acrylic on canvas


Sitting 'Round The House (Thinking 'Bout You)

Here's lyrics and video for a song I recently penned. It's a song about one of those long, lonely nights when your only company is the dog and a bottle, and all you can think about is the one that got away. The more you try to drink her off your mind, the more you can't keep your mind off of her. It's one of those songs. It's a bit dark, but I like it. Let me know what you think, boys and girls.

There's a bottle on the shelf with a few pours left
Enough to get me pretty far
I slip into a hard drink and a soft chair
And light my last cigar
I puff too hard and start to choke
My eyes tear up from all the smoke
It makes a face I don't see much anymore

Well, I'm sitting 'round the house with nothing to do
But to sit around the house and think about you
Sittin her strumming this old guitar
Nursing my booze and cursing my scars
And sitting 'round the house thinking 'bout you

I sip my drink. I pet the dog
Neither of us moves
The rain beats out a light staccato
On the windows and the roof
The drip-drop rhythm pours through my brain
And I dream I'm dancing with you again
But, in the end, it's nothing more than rain

Well, I'm sitting 'round the house with nothing to do
But to sit around the house and think about you
Sittin her strumming this old guitar
Nursing my booze and cursing my scars
And sitting 'round the house thinking 'bout you

I leave the pain of the past behind
And dream of seeing you again
To see the way your lips curl 'round your smile
To feel the touch of your hand
To fall into your deep, dark eyes
Till I'm finally claimed by my prize
Never to be heard from again

Well, I'm sitting 'round the house with nothing to do
But to sit around the house and think about you
Sittin her strumming this old guitar
Nursing my booze and cursing my scars
And sitting 'round the house thinking 'bout you

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Hermit

Hmmmmm... Gotta make my first public appearance in over 2 months on Saturday. Debating whether to get a shave & haircut and go back to classic Craig or stay with the Howard Hughes aesthetic. What do you think?
or ?

A Toast To The Lonely - Lyrics

I've got a few new songs that I'm going to be posting lyrics & either audio or video of soon, but I realized I never put the lyrics for "A Toast To The Lonely" up when I originally posted the video. So here they are, along with the video for those of you who missed it the first time.

A Toast To The Lonely
Another cold night in the latest hot spot
I ask a few girls to dance, but i ain't got no shot
So, I buy beer & whisky with dough I ain't got
I got plenty of piss, but I ain't got no pot

But, if only those brown eyes I dream of at night
Will come take my hand, make everything alright
I keep searching for her, but she's nowhere in sight
So, I cling to the bar till I get good and tight

Here's a toast to all the lonely guys
Who will never see the twinkle in that special someone's eyes
And till the day it starts turning for the better
Keep your bellies to the bar and we'll be lonely all together

It's been so long since I felt the warm touch of a lass
The only lip that I've kissed is the lip of my flask
Only kick I gets from gettin' kicked in the ass
If you've been here before then you don't need to ask

And, after another long night with the dregs
I wake up to breakfast of beers & burnt eggs
With a pound in my head and an ache in my legs
And a wonder as to how my life got so sad

Here's a toast to all the lonely guys
Who will never see the twinkle in that special someone's eyes
And till the day it starts turning for the better
Keep your bellies to the bar and we'll be lonely all together

So, I'm sending a kiss to my true love to be
Wherever, whomever she might be
I pray that she's swift on her way here to me
To lead me out of my misery

And, to my fellow drunks at the end of the bar
With no Miss to kiss under these shining stars
Here's hoping your true love, she ain't off too far
If she is, stick around, and I'll buy the next jar

CM Podcast - Feb 22nd 2010

In the newest podcast I'm joined by Laura Gesin of VoxPopNJ for a discussion that starts with social media and moves on to include the Olympics, Tiger Woods, comedy, comic books, and even a bit of existentialism.


Buy Now - Original Yankees Art

In honor of the start of Spring Training, here's a few original Yankee pieces of mine available for purchase:
36"x48" acrylic on canvas

17"x14" b&w pencil on paper

36"x24" acrylic on canvas
autographed by Derek Jeter


With St. Patrick's Day coming up and, the Belmar parade only two weeks away, now's the time to order your Craig Mahoney designed "Irish Temper, Jersey Attitude" t-shirts over @ Zazzle.com. I recommend going with the faded green ringer, but feel free to choose the shirt that's right for you.

Your Monday Morning Links

Rather than taking the lazy way out like I've been doing, and just posting links to some of the cool things I find on the web directly to facebook & twitter. I'm gonna try and collect them in little blog posts along with a sentence or two of commentary from me on each. So, here are your inaugural Monday morning links:

Do You Believe In Non-Miraculous But Still Extremely Impressive Upsets? by Joe DeLessio, from NYMag.com, on last night's thrilling USA upset victory over Canada in men's Olympic hockey. I only got to read tweets about as it was happening because I'm a broke-ass artist still trying to pool together enough dough to turn my cable back on. If I wasn't a sports fan I wouldn't miss live TV at all. Even without it, I've still been able to get to a bar or friend or relatives house to catch the games I really want to see, but last night was proof of how great sports is. You never know when you're gonna see something truly great or historic. Also, congrats to NBC on airing the most thrilling event of the games so far on MSNBC where plenty of people without cable missed it and, maybe more importantly, plenty others missed it in HD. That's the way to appeal to sports fans in 2010.

The NY Post's Joel Sherman has the whole story on the Yankees signing pitcher Chan Ho Park. I like the move. A nice, relatively inexpensive pickup that could add more depth to the bullpen.

Here's a cool little post, with audio, from Cartoon Brew on San Francisco singer/songwriter Meagan Lynch's debut album "Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me", which is a collection of classic American pop tunes made famous by early Looney Tune and Merry Melodies cartoons. Read more about it, and listen to the whole thing, at the Brew.

And, from the NY Times, comes this story on a conceptual art installation currently in Vancouver for the Olympics, that's a recreation of a bar in Belfast. That's right. They rebuilt The Whole. Fucking. Bar. Senator Blutarsky has nominated artist Theo Sims for a McArthur genius grant.

Have something cool you think should be posted on the blog? E-mail it to admin@craigmahoney.com 


Buy Now - Eli's Escape

I'm currently in the middle of building an online store, where you'll be able to purchase all my new and unsold original art with a few clicks of your mouse. Until I get that up and running, though, I'm going to post a new piece each day along with the PayPal link to purchase it. Although I'll be featuring a different item every day, every piece will remain for sale, until it's, you know, sold. So, you'll be able to come back to each post at anytime, click the "Buy Now" button, and purchase the item whenever you feel like it.


The first item up for sale is "Eli's Escape", my 36"x24" acrylic painting on canvas featuring Eli Manning about to make the pass for the famous "Helmet Catch" in Super Bowl 42. The piece is also autographed by Eli, with the signature certified by In The Game Collectibles. Now, an extremely detailed piece like this, with over two months of labor put into it, and autographed by a Super Bowl MVP, should sell for a couple of grand at least. But, since I know that's an extremely prohibitive price for most people, and because, let's face it, I'm a broke-ass, starving artist trying to jump start operations here at Craig Mahoney Studios and can use any dough I get... I'm offering it to one lucky duck for a mere $800. So, click that juicy little golden button and become the proud owner of what is not only a stunning piece of original artwork, but a one-of-a-kind sports collectible depicting one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history.

CM Podcast - Feb 18th 2010

In my latest podcast, I sit down with T.J. Brustowicz from Shore Flicks and Chris Whittet from the Shore
Thing Duo to discuss movies, music, celebrity charity singles & what the hell Susan Dey is up to lately. Check it out here. On a side note, that pic is clear evidence I need a shave and a haircut.


Sunday Morning Coming Down

Some video of me in the studio, rocking the Howard Hughes look & belting out the Johnny Cash classic Sunday Morning Coming Down. Enjoy,  kiddies!

Help A Brutha Out

Starting today, if you look to the sidebar on the right of this blog, you'll notice a little "DONATE" button beckoning to you ever so invitingly. As most of you who follow me know, I don't make much money doing what I do. Most of the art I create is very labor-intensive and there's only so little I can charge before I start ripping myself off. I also put a lot of time into things like this blog and the podcast, and charge nothing for those. I enjoy everything I put out on this blog, my website, the podcast, twitter, youtube, etc. I want to keep producing it and throwing it up on the web for free. So, basically, like John Turturro in Miller's Crossing, I'm asking you to "look into your heart".

If you enjoy visiting the blog and checking out my drawings and paintings, if you laugh at my nonsense on twitter, want more videos and podcasts, and you've got a few dimes to spare, please click on that cute li'l golden button on the right and give whatever you're comfortable with to keep the operations here @ Craig Mahoney Studios humming along smoothly. It doesn't matter what you give. It could be $1. It could be $1000 (which would be AWESOME). If you can't afford to give anything, believe me, I understand. I still appreciate you comin' by.

Everyone who donates will get a personal shout-out and thanks from me here on the blog, and I'm gonna try to come up with some sort of a drawing to reward a lucky donor. Trust me, the more time I get to spend doing what I enjoy, the more you'll enjoy what I do. Thanks a lot, kids. And, as always, I love you all.

Craig Mahoney & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Podcast

Last week I finally recorded my first podcast. It went well, as far as 1st podcasts go. Basically, it's 34 min. of me emptying my brain into a microphone. I was a bit nervous and didn't get to a few things I had wanted to, and, around the 20 min. mark, I spend about 5 min. dancing around a point on American anti-intellectualism without ever quite nailing it. However, I was pleased enough to release it to the general public, and you can listen to it (and all future podcasts) at craigmahoney.mypodcast.com.

I've begun lining up guests for future podcasts and was lucky enough to have as my 1st guest Laura Gesin, the Jersey Shore social networking maven & founder of VoxPopNJ. We spent a great hour talking about a great many things, I thanked her for coming, promised to see her @ VPNJ's next event, and then sat down to mix down and upload the podcast. Unfortunately, the recording that I encountered was, to use a technical term, "completely and utterly fucked". I won't get into all the techie aspects, but I could not release what I heard to the public.

So, I now herewith give my public apology to Ms. Gesin, who will return to re-record this Monday, and urge you all to head to VoxPopNJ.com, follow her on twitter as @AsburyPop, and check out some of her great social networking workshops like the one coming up on Sat, Feb 27th @ The Showroom in Asbury Park entitled "Social Networking For Creative People". I'll be there to say a few words, and it will be followed by a screening of some local indie films. So, please, go ahead and check all that out, then listen to the podcast. You'll thank me later.