Craig's Assistant

I've been working like crazy all week trying to get the new site up, complete with new online store and weekly podcast. It looks like everything's a go for it all to be up by Tuesday morning. In the meantime, here's a peek at one of the many, many reasons it's been taking me so long.


Cartoons & Hot Chicks

Here's some more pics of that "Nature Girl" painting I did, as well as some doodles from last night.

A Toast To The Lonely

Here's my first attempt at posting a video of some of my original music. This is a song I wrote awhile ago called "A Toast To The Lonely". It's a little Irish drinking song, and still my favorite of any song I've ever written, although some of the stuff I'm working on now may take it's place. I actually shot a few different takes of this and there were others with better guitar & vocals, but this one had the special unscripted appearance by The Mick. Ultimately, I had to pick the one with the dog. Enjoy, kids!


Saturday Morning Heroes

In between trying to figure out how to transfer all my old files, fonts, and programs from my old computer to my new(er) one, which basically means staring at the screen like a virgin boy trying to figure out how to undo his girlfriend's bra for the first time, I managed to sketch out an idea I have for an upcoming piece. It's gonna be a little group action shot of the greatest heroes that cheap, outsourced 1980's animation could create in order to sell toys: Voltron, Snake Eyes, Optimus Prime, Lion-O, and He-Man. This is one close to my fanboy heart and should turn out pretty cool.


Like Mike

Still pulling my hair out trying to get everything from my old PC to my new(er) one so's I can get the new website off the ground, along with all the little extras I got planned. So, please, be patient. If you even care that much. Which you probably shouldn't. There are certainly far more important things going on in this world. Still, though, the website is gonna be really cool if and when I ever get the damned thing up. In the meantime, here's the finished version of the Michael Jordan painting I started back in the summer:


What'd I Miss?

Well, so much for that blog post/drawing everyday shit. My PC started weirding out on me over the weekend, and I've spent the last few days off the grid; cobbling together a replacement to get back online and start putting together all the crap I'd planned for this month. And, yes, I know all you Mac people out there are thinking "That's what you get for owning a PC! If you had a Mac you wouldn't have these problems!" Well, excuse me! Let me just put on my top-hat and monocle, get in my solid gold car, and drive to the store to spend 2 months' rent on a Mac. I'm an artist. I'm poor. So, a PC it is. Dicks. Anywho, here's some really shitty cellphone pics of what I've been up to the last week:.

Let's see... Here's the "Nature Girl" thingy I posted a sketch of awhile back. It's a 36"x48" acrylic, marker, and photo collage mixed media on canvas. You can check it out @ In Spirit Living, 560 Broadway, Long Branch. You can buy it there, too!

We also have some dopey sketches for a piece I want to do of an action spy scene in an early 60's cartoon style. I actually want to do a series of these with private eyes, superheroes, robots, space aliens, and other geeky, pulpy shit.

 I don't know who this fat man smoking the cigar is or why I drew him. My mind goes strange places when I'm doodling.

Finally, here's an update on the Michael Jordan painting I started in the summer. I'm finishing it up this week


Drawing of the... D'oh!

Here. This picture is from me to myself for forgetting to take a picture of the painting I finished today before running it off to the gallery. So, no Drawing of the Day today. I'll be sure to snap some at the opening tomorrow.


Looking For Podcast Guests

As I mentioned earlier in the week, the Drawing of the Day was just one of the new cockamamie schemes I had cooked up for the new year. The next one I'll be throwing out there will be my own weekly podcast. Basically, it'll be an hourlong talk show with some monologuing (is that a word? monologuing?) from me on my miserable life, sports, news, pop culture, or anything else that's infecting my sick brain at the time. I'm also going to try to bring a new and exciting guest to you each week. I'll be starting out with some artist, musician, and stand-up comic friends of mine, but if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or would like to be on, please drop me a line. Ideally, I'm looking for artists, writers, comedians, musicians, and local business owners, although anyone who can hold an interesting conversation for a half hour or so, and maybe even bring some new listeners, is welcome. So, spread the word, and look for the debut edition of The Craig Mahoney Podcast coming your way next week.

Speaking of things from sick minds, if you haven't seen Inglourious Basterds yet, do it. Do it now. I'll wait.

Drawing of the Day: Caricutaure of Solace

Sketched this out while watching Quantum of Solace last night. So far there's a bit of "close, but no cigar " to my caricatures. Of course, that's one of the reasons I started this drawing a day exercise. To get better in areas I'm not expert in. The cigar's getting closer, though. Still, tomorrow I think I'll take a break from caricaturing and just sketch a naked lady.


Drawing of the Day: SHAUN!

Sketched this out while watching Shaun Of The Dead last night, truly one of the great movies from the last decade. I probably should not have begun this whole "drawing a day" thing with 2 caricatures, considering how rusty I am, but I wanted to do something different. So, here you go. I hope you like it.

Interesting side note: shortly after I started drawing this, Shaun stars Simon Pegg & Nick Frost start going back & forth on twitter about how they were together in Heathrow airport getting drunk while their flight was delayed. Good stuff.


Drawing of the Day: Day 1

Hey, welcome to 2010, kids. A decade into the 21st century & I still have neither a jetpack nor a robot maid. Somebody got some 'splainin to do there. Huh, Mr. Scientist? Mr. Fancy Pants White Lab Coat? Where's my JETPACK?!

Anyway, I've got a few new features I'll be adding to this blog over the next week or two, but the first one that I'm bringing to you fine folks here on this first Monday morning of 2010, your first work day of the new decade, is my Drawing of the Day (!!!). Huh, how about that?! Think of it as my gift to you to brighten your miserable little day.

I'll be posting something new every goddamned day, whether it be a quick li'l sketch on a cocktail napkin or a full-blown painted illustration. I figure it would be a nice way to constantly bring new content to the blog, but to also try some new stuff myself: new mediums, new styles, new ideas, whatever. And, here's the best part: every single f***ing one will be available for purchase! That's right. You will have a chance to have your very own original Craig Mahoney drawing for a very reasonable price, and I may finally graduate from Ramen Noodles and canned corned beef hash to Hot Pockets and Velveeta Shells & Cheese.

To start us off, I bring you the li'l marker drawing I did of Anton Chigurh last night while watching No Country For Old Men. It's 5.5"x8.5" and only $10. Slainte, kids.