Game 14 - YANKEES 8, Rays 7

So, Ian Kennedy (who has not looked that good) finally throws a decent game and the bullpen of Billy Traber and Brian Bruney (who have heretofore been excellent) come on and serve up 3 home runs to tie up what was a 7-2 game. Then Cano (who hasn't been able to buy a hit) comes off the bench (where he was napping during the game) to pinch-hit a home run that gives the Yankees an 8-7 lead they would never relinquish.

This is why they play 162 games and why I watch every one of them: you never what's going to happen.

Here's the happy Cano after giving the Yankees back the lead:

You can now view all the drawings I'm doing of this Yankee season over at my new Flickr set. I've also put a link up to it over in the panel to the right.

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Rebecca said...

Gorgeous artwork.

If you want to trade links, drop me a line.