Happy New Year, (Almost) Everyone!

I just wanted to post something quick to Ye Olde Blogge, whilst I count down the remaining hours of the Julian calendar, and who better to close out the year with than the greatest closer of all time? (Shut up, Sox & Mets fans) I hope you've all made your peace with the rape-in-a-back-alley that was 2009 & are looking forward to some sweet, tender lovin' from 2010. I know I've made my resolutions, and, if I manage to keep all of them, you'll all be referring to me as Grand Overlord Mahoney by the fall. However, it's more likely that I'll just keep the small ones, which means LOTS more content coming to the blog, a new website, new original music, and new art shows w/ some completely different types of art than you've seen from me before. And, that's just the first half of the year.

So, I hope you all have a happy & safe New Year. I myself will be spending it at home in the Mahoney Mansion. I'll be sitting by the fire with my feet on a log, the Mick on my lap, a glass of scotch in one hand, a glass of brandy in the other, my manservant Tebor curled up at my feet, and a prayer in my heart that the friend of mine who's been banging my ex-wife drives his drunk ass right into a telephone pole on his way to hell.

Happy New Year, kids! See you in 2010!


Nature Girl?

Her's a preliminary sketch of a piece I'll be painting this week. Not exactly sure what it means or what I'll be calling it, I just got the image in my head and decided I would do this as my entry in an upcoming mixed-media show. I'll be doing it in a mix of oils & acrylics, with some photo elements filling out the leaves & trees, and maybe even some charcoal or pastel highlights. I don't know. As a self-taught artist/musician, it's rare that I have any idea what in the hell I'm doing, but here I'm really flying blind. I'm just trying to get out of my comfort zone artistically, and break free from the "sports/portrait artist" label. Feel free to comment.


Derek Jeter Painting 1/2 off TODAY ONLY!

Are you a Yankees fan? Is there a Yankees fan on your holiday shopping list? TODAY ONLY you can get the original Craig Mahoney painting, "DJ's HR" - signed by Derek Jeter - for half off the listed holiday sale price. That's only $500 for an original 36"x24" acrylic on canvas painting of the Yankee Captain autographed by the man himself. If interested, e-mail cm@craigmahoney.com


All Sorts of News

Hey, kids. I know I haven't posted anything of interest in a helluva long time, but that's all about to change. After the craziness of getting ready for the show at Jamian's I took some time off, then dove right into the craziness of following the Yankees on their World Series run, picking up extra shifts at my day job to climb out of debt, and putting together a weekly music gig. Now that most of that is settled and humming along smoothly I've got all sorts of new craziness to announce.
  • On Wed, Dec 16th I'll be doing my usual gig at The Wine Loft in Pier Village, but I'll also be doing a Toys for Tots fund raiser that night. So come by for a little Christmas cheer for yourself, and bring an unwrapped toy to give a less fortunate li'l guy or gal some of their own.
  • Every month In Spirit Living, a yoga studio here in Long Branch, hosts a different art show. I will be contributing 2 pieces to their Jan show that will be wildly different from anything you've seen from me yet. It should be cool, and I will, of course, be posting the progress of those pieces in this space.
  • Following that, I'll be having another solo show in Feb. This one will be at the aforementioned Wine Loft and the theme is going to be "Jazz and Cocktails". It's going to be a nice little departure from the portraiture and sports art I've been specializing in. The work is going to be a little looser and not as super hyper-detailed as my past work. The focus will be more on setting a mood or feeling through color and composition.
  • Speaking of my sports art. I'm working on what could be 2 very big things involving that. It's way to early in the planning/negotiating stages to say anything yet, but I'll be talking about it more in the future.
  • I'm also working on a video piece that (I hope) will be up on the blog in the next week and a half. After that I'm gonna try and post at least one little video on the blog a week.
And, that's all I got for ya right now. Check back next week to see the madness unfold.