No Updates Today

Sorry, but, with the exception of being taken out for a birthday lunch, I've spent the day napping and fighting allergies. Right now my head is so stuffed I feel like it's about to explode like the guy at the end of Big Trouble In Little China. I'm heading out now to meet up with some friends and family, though, and, hopefully, an evening of wine, women, and song will help me out a bit. Unfortunately, only 2 out of 3 of those things are guaranteed for tonight.


CM2.0 On Schedule

Quote of the Day

"I will sit right down waiting for the gift of sound and vision." - David Bowie

So... here I am, stuck inside on a b-e-a-utiful day, digging some Bowie on the iPod, trying to get the new website up and running by manana, re-arranging my apartment/studio, and fighting a tenacious case of allergies. It's tough trying to design something when you have a head full of pollen and your nose is more clogged than the GSP south on a summer Friday. However, I do want to get things rolling along.

I'm very excited about the new look of the website and blog as well as a lot of the new stuff I'm getting involved in. The site will look different. My art will be up, but it will be far from complete. In the coming days and weeks I'll be posting new artwork, getting more involved with facebook and twitter, linking to some charities I'm working with, and starting a new music project.

So, I thank those of you that have been following this blog (you know, all 6 of you. If that many. lol), and promise this is gonna get a lot more interesting very soon. Unfortunately there's just not too many ways I can make web design and furniture rearrangement sound fun. If it helps, I'm wearing a clown nose and wig while I do this.

And nothing else.


Tell Me Why I Do Like Mondays...

Quote of the Day -

"Many of the most successful men I have known have never grown up. They have retained bubbling-over boyishness. They have relished wit, they have indulged in humor. They have not allowed "dignity" to depress them into moroseness. Youthfulnesss of spirit is the twin brother of optimism, and optimism is the stuff of which American business success is fashioned. Resist growing up!" - B.C. Forbes

The Boomtown Rats may have sang about not liking Mondays (alright, they were quoting a murderer, but still), but I'm ready to grab this one by the short hairs and make it sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" in a lovely falsetto.

There's something about the first great spring weekend that inspires hope and optimism, and I'm taking that with me into this week; one in which I have a lot of things on tap. I've given myself a Wednesday deadline to get the new website up and running. I have one painting to finish, one drawing to finish, and another one to start. I'll also be moving my studio out of the room I'm renting and into my apartment now that I've got some extra room. I figure I can not only save myself some much-needed bread, but also be able to work at any and all times I feel like without having to head across town. If inspiration strikes in the middle of the night, I can lay it down.

I'll be back throughout the week with all sorts of updates.


Here Comes The Sun, doo doo doodoo...

Quote of the Day -

“The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.” - Henry Van Dyke

Have a good weekend, kids. For those of you in the Jersey Shore area, enjoy this fantastic weather. My advice is to find a nice comfortable seat outside, a good book, a perfectly chilled cocktail/beer/wine, and brush up on your relaxin'.

I'll have a few new things to post over the weekend leading up to some some really big announcements by the middle of next week.


New CM Studios Logo

Here's the pic that will be gracing the new homepage of my website. That's me working hard at the desk with a CAO Brazilia hanging out of my mouth, and my assistant, young Mickey Mantle Mahoney in the foreground.

Quote of the Day

"Alcohol is necessary for a man so that he can have a good opinion of himself, undisturbed by the facts." - Finley Peter Dunne.

New Look Coming Soon

I'm spending the next few days putting together the new website, which will also give the blog a new look, and will be launching "Craig Mahoney 2.0" next week. I'm referring to it as CM2.0 not just because of the new look but also because I'm going to be taking my art into some new places, expanding my web presence, getting involved with some charity work, and trying a lot of new shit. In general, I'll be using my art and music as a way to experiment and explore new ideas and help others out instead of the old "you pay me money and I will sing you a song and/or draw you a picture of Derek Jeter" philosophy of CM1.0. Basically, I'll be more of an artist and less of a whore. I say less of a whore, which means I'll still be doing a little bit of whoring. Hey, a man's gotta eat!

I'm still going to update this blog daily, even if it's just Quote of the Day stuff, until then, but there will be less new artwork to look at until next week.


Quote Of The Day - Earth Day Edition

"To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival." - Wendell Berry

Happy Earth Day, kids. Here's a link to a great story at Slate.com on how our obsession with carbon output has obscured one of the real dangers to our environment: the loss of habitats and ecosystems around the globe; something I've been talking about to anyone who will listen for a few years now. You can change all the light bulbs and car engines in the world, but if we're still constantly destroying ecosystems to build another farm/ranch/factory/shopping mall/house/apartment complex the human race is still going to be fucked in the long run.


Eli BG Details

These pics are all from my BlackBerry, so I hope they show up alright.

Eli BG Fini

So, a year after I've begun, the background on this thing is finally where I'm happy with it. Some of you might think it's a little sloppy or out there, but I think it will be great once I clean it up around the edges of the players and finish painting young Eli's legs. I finally feel like this is getting somewhere. Butter me up girls, I'm on a roll!

A Belated Happy 2009

Wow, have I really not updated this damn blog since Christmas? I had no intentions of being away for so long, but we don't always have control of the directions our lives go. I'll get more into why I haven't done anything in the past few months next week. Let's just say life threw me some wicked curve balls and it took me more than a few times in the batting cage to learn how to hit 'em. I'll also have some announcements to make about the next few months as well. All good stuff.

Anyway, I'm finally coming to the end of that Eli Manning Super Bowl painting I started a year ago. After 3 different cracks at the background I think I finally have on I'm satisfied with. The grass below their feet still needs to be fleshed out, but I like the organized chaos going on in the background now. The photos aren't the greatest. They're a little too light on the left and too dark on the right, but you can get the idea.

That's all for now. I'll be back with more (no, really) tomorrow.