The Chairman & The Air Man

2 days to go till the opening of my show and I'm basically going without sleep to finish everything up. I all but wrapped up the Sinatra piece yesterday, so, with the exception of a touch-up here or there on some pieces, the only one unfinished is the Michael Jordan painting. That will give me 7 paintings to display in addition to a few drawings. I was hoping to have 1 or 2 more paintings, but work like mine just takes so much damn time, and I decided I'd rather not sacrifice quality for quantity.


James and Michael

Hittin' the homestretch now. I'm not expecting too much sleep this next week as I try to finish up the 3 pieces I have left. With the exception of some light cosmetic touches on the James Bond and Mickey Mantle pieces, all I have left to finish are the Jordan, Sinatra, and LT ones. That's a lot to handle in a week, and if I have to do the show without one, I'm willing to sacrifice the LT. There will be other opportunities. The one thing I do not want to do is sacrifice quality for quantity. But, I'm gonna try my damnedest to show up Wed morning ready to hang 8 kick-ass paintings. Below is most of what I got done this weekend. Enjoy, kids.


Follow on Facebook & Twitter

Hello, boys and girls. We're entering the homestretch as I put the final touches on the last few pieces for the show. I first want to thank all the new blog readers. Especially those of you from well outside of New Jersey (Hello, Belgium!). I also wanted to throw a li'l reminder up to follow me on twitter for all sorts of funtastic musings whilst I toil away at the easel, and to become a fan on facebook for cool links and access to all my online art galleries. Now time for another Red Bull & multi-vitamin. I gotta bust my ass!


2 Weeks to Go...

Alright, so technically it's 2 weeks & 2 days to go until my opening, but since I'll be hanging the work on Wed, I need it all done by that Tue. SO... I have the 2 shortest weeks of my life to finish everything I'd like to get done for this. Not sure if I'll make it, but, you can be damn sure that whatever does end up on the wall @ Jamian's is gonna be some good shit. Here's every goddamned little thing as of right now:

Roundin' 3rd & Headin' for Home

Crapped out on Sunday. Did nothing but sleep & got no painting done. So, I redoubled my efforts yesterday, going straight till 3am, then jumping out of bed @ 7 this morning to get back to work. With extra hustle & concentration I may have this done by the time I have to leave for work tonight. All that's left are fleshtones & pinstripes. Mahoney, AWAY!


The Mick's Progress

Man, I hope this show's successful enough that I can finally start doing this close to full-time. The whole "waking up early in the morning to get some painting in before my barshift" thing is gettin' old. 5 days a week in the studio & 2 nights behind the bar sounds good to me.

Anyway, here's where I'm @ w/ the Mickey Mantle piece. I've got a full day to myself in the studio tomorrow & I'll spend it all killing myself to get this done. If I can have it done by late tomorrow night or early Monday morn, there's no reason that I shouldn't have the Connery Bond piece done by Tuesday. That'll put me reasonably on schedule for Oct 1st, as long as I don't need too much sleep.


Up All Night W/ The Micks

Long Thursday night in the studio w/ Mickey Mantle the painting & Mickey Mantle the dog. And Braveheart on DVD.



Building A Better Bond

Yeah... This is JUST a bit better than the crap sketch I started with. Still plenty of work left, but I like where it's headed.

Painting Update

Back to work in the studio after slackin a li'l over the holiday weekend (which I hope all of you enjoyed as immensely as I did). I'm making some good progress on the Michael Jordan piece, and, as for the Bond painting... Well, there IS paint on the canvas. It'll get there. I'll throw some more pics up before I head out bartending tonight.


More of The Mick

Less than 4 weeks away, and I'm officially in "8am-2am 7 days a week" mode for the rest of the month. With any luck, this show goes well enough that I'll be able to prepare for my next one without having to work two other jobs to keep the bills paid while I do it.

Here's a bit more of that Mantle piece I started the other day. There won't be much else done today as I've got to work another double, but, by the end of the weekend, I'll have every piece I want done for this thing roughed out and ready for more detailed work Monday morning.

Enjoy your Friday, kids.


More Show Stuff

Not much from the studio today. Unfortunately, I still have to get my bills paid whilst I prepare for the big Craigapalooza this October, so I'm pulling a double today: video work all day & tending bar all night. I did, however, manage to squeeze in a few hours of work this morning before I left the house. Here are pics of the VERY beginning of a Michael Jordan painting for the show and the latest flyer design for the show's opening reception.

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The Mick

Time's a luxury that I don't have much of this week, and with only a month to go till the show, I want to utilize what I have as much as possible. So, I'll be spending my time away from my other jobs doing a lot of layout and background work on the other pieces I want done by October. In that spirit, I herewith present you with the first bits of progress on my 36"x48" Mickey Mantle piece: