Game 7 - YANKEES 6, Rays 1

Whaddaya know? We might be able to get something out of Moose after all this year. Last night Mike Mussina defined the term "crafty veteran" as he mixed his pitches well, hit his spots, and went 6 innings while only giving up 2 hits and 1 run. I don't know that he's gonna have that kind of command every start, but if his year ends up being a mix of his first start and his last one, I'll take that in the fifth spot.

After Moose left, Brian Bruney came on and continued to impress this year. Farnsworth had one of his good days, and LaTroy Hawkins finished up, but made you sweat while you did it.

One note on Hawkins: I know I slammed him the other day, I have absolutely no faith in the guy and will slam him the next time he blows up (which we shouldn't have to wait long for), but can we wait on the booing and the "Paul O'Neill" chants until the guy actually screws up? Do those Yankee fans want him to blow the game? Let's not completely destroy the guy's psyche when we need him to get another 3 outs.

The offense finally woke up, with Bobby Abreu leading the charge and coming one hit shy of the cycle, but, of course, the big news is Jeter and his strained quad. I think the Yankees can make it a week or two without him. Let's hope it's no longer than that, but I'm gonna hold off pressing the panic button until I hear more.

Today's drawing is a colored pencil and marker sketch of the scene as Moose was about to unload on Johnny Gomes.

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