Game 3 - YANKEES 3, Blue Jays 2

I don't have much to say on last night's game. Well, I have a little bit to say, but I'm working on a bunch of other stuff and don't have the time for any sort of dissertation. Long story short: Phil Hughes' breaking ball looked magically delicious, especially when it buckled Frank Thomas' knees. The Yankees bats are a little dead right now, but that doesn't concern me as much as seeing the pitching hold up which, shy of Mussina and Hawkins, it has. I liked the boys going with a little bit of small ball to win. When you start the season 2-1 going up against good pitching, and not getting much firepower from your lineup, you have to be happy.

Tonight, Ian Kennedy takes the mound against the Rays, and we get to see if the third of The Big Three can start fulfilling his potential, not to mention whether any of the Shelley Duncan noise from spring training carries over to the regular season.

I leave you now with a sketch of Mr. Hughes from last night's contest:

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