Game 2 - Yankees 2, BLUE JAYS 5

I don't have too much to say about this one. I was getting my taxes done, and by the time I got home, the Yanks were down 5-0. I settled in just in time to see A-Rod hit his 1st home run of the year, which I commemorated with a quick pen and ink sketch. It looks pretty cool, except for the fact that I drew his head too damn big.

Overall, if you're a Yankee fan, you just have to say 'Hey. Their pitching beat our pitching'. From what I understand, Mussina was decent and Farnsworth and Ohlendorf did what they get paid to do. I'd like to see Farnsworth's control a little better, though. Sometimes, you're just gonna have those cold days that are tough to play in and the other guy on the mound is gonna be too tough to beat. I tell you this, though, the Jays look like they have some good pitching. If they stay healthy, the AL East could be interesting this year.

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