Star Wars Doodles

Still workin' on that Eli Manning painting, and, boy, is it a pain in the balls. I'll post some new pics of that tomorrow, but here's what I did when I had to break the hell away from it for a minute for the sake of my own sanity: Shitty Star Wars Doodles!!! (Actually, I kind of dig the Chebacca one.)


Eli's Escape Thus Far

Now, that I'm pretty much at or past the halfway point on this thing and making progress, I thought it would be fun to re-post the pics documenting the entire process to this point. Especially since it seems like so long since I started the damn thing. I'm really hoping to have the thing done by the end of the week, but there's just so much going on it'll be tough. Enjoy what's been done so far, though:

Eli's Escape, pt. 6

'08 Summer Showdown T-Shirt Design

Every summer Shore Runner, the local running store, hosts a high school cross country race they call the Summer Showdown. The following is a design I did for the t-shirts they're giving away this year. I sent them files with different fonts on them and have no idea which one they ended up using, but this one is my favorite. Btw, if you're ever in Long Branch and in need of some running or workout gear, stop by Pier Village and say 'hi'. They do a great job over there and will really take care of you.


Eli's Escape pt. 4

Finally making progress on this MF'er. I'm really looking forward to finishing this and moving on to something where I won't be spending hours with a tiny detailing brush on 5 different guys. It's gonna be such a relief just to be able to paint a guy's face again instead of a facemask. By the way, I already have a few people that have expressed interest in buying this, if you want to be added to that list, just e-mail me or leave a comment.

Blog Update, Yankee Drawings

Hey, kids. My apologies to my regular readers for not being around the last week or so. Honestly, after spending last weekend as best man in my friend Murph's wedding (and a big congrats to he and his lovely bride Patricia), celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday, singing with the trio, and then doing Mother's Day (whew! what a long weekend!) I'd be able to get back to my daily Yankee game drawings while also getting back to work on a few other projects.

However, I have some good news for me and bad news to the people visiting this blog to see my li'l Yankee thoughts and doodles. I've managed to wrangle a few public showings this summer, culminating in what I hope will be a nice music/art showcase in September. So, in addition to trying to book the trio, my main focus will be at the painting easel these next few months, and I will not have the extra hour or two a day to spend on each and every Yankee game.

Although, I'll still be doing some cool Yankee paintings, as well as some othere sports pieces, Giants Super Bowl stuff, a few jazz paintings, and some general man-I-really-like-beer-cigars-and-wine paintings. In fact, I'll be doing them far more often and quicker than in the past, so there will still be some cool stuff to check out, not to mention updates on my singing gigs with some accompanying multimedia.

To wrap up, I won't be here every day anymore, but you'll still see at least two or three great new things each week. So, I hope those of you that have stumbled across my little slice of the interwebs continue to stop on by.

And, of course: Go Yankees! (I mean, come on, last place? You're better than that.)


Yankees Games thru 31 - 34

Game 31 - Wang the stopper. YANKEES 5, Mariners 1
Game 32 - Johnny's big day. YANKEES 6, Mariners 1
Game 33 - Rasner to the rescue. YANKEES 8, Mariners 2
Game 34 - Joba blows one. Yankees 3, INDIANS 5


Game 30 - Yankees 4, TIGERS 8

April ends, but the Yanks keep getting beaten up.

My Manhattan Birthday

As promised yesterday, I'm back with a post on my birthday pubcrawl in NY, but, as threatened over a week ago, I have very little time to write about it. So, basically, I'm just posting some drawings. I honestly wasn't expecting it to take me two days to recover from my birthday revelries, but hey, I'm not in my twenties anymore.

Now, that I've finally gotten all the poisons out of my system, and have my body-clock (somewhat) back on track, I need to lock myself in my studio for a week finishing up my oft-neglected Eli Manning painting. After that - oh, hey, look! - I have a rehearsal dinner and wedding next Thursday and Friday.

So, basically, expect new pics everyday but very little words.

Here's some sketches from McSorley's, the Blind Tiger Ale House, and the Velvet Cigar Lounge, all of which I highly recommend.


Thank God April's Over - Games 24 thru 29

I apologize for not posting in a week. I spent last Thursday night through Wednesday morning on a nice 5 day bender that included a singing gig, a trip to Manhattan and Yankee Stadium, and my 30th birthday party (That's right. I'm 30 now.) Maybe bender's a strong word, but for nearly five days almost my entire diet consisted of beer, cigars, and various grilled, fried and otherwise processed meats and cheeses. So... bottom line, no new Yankee pics for you.

Not that there was much to post about. I'll have more to write about later tonight or tomorrow. Let's just say it was not a good few days for the Yankees and I was glad I spent most of it in a haze. Here's the pics now:

Game 24 - Pettitte roughed up. Yankees 4, INDIANS 6
Game 25 - Another loss for Kennedy. Yankees 3, INDIANS 4
Game 26 - Wang the stopper. YANKEES 1, Indians 0
Game 27 - Moose the crafty veteran. YANKEES 5, Indians 2
Game 28 - Hughes is still cold. Yankees 4, Tigers 6
Game 29 - Thank God April's over. Yankees 6, TIGERS 2