CM Trio at Ross's Dockside

Here's a few pics of the Trio playing at Ross's in Sea Bright. Once again, I want to say how great a time it was. The place has a great vibe and I think we fit it really well. I also want to especially thank Junior Pauls for sitting in on guitar and doing a helluva job.

Joey P. and I have been playing and rehearsing for a few months now. Joe also gigs with Paul every Thursday and Friday night at Cask 591, but, because of a family emergency I had leading up to the gig, we were never able to all get together for a rehearsal. So, most of the gig was the 3 of us flipping through charts and calling songs out as we went.

It was very seat of your pants, and I was really nervous about doing a set where I wouldn't know how a song was going to end until we got there and where I was unfamiliar with some of the keys the songs were in. Fortunately, I had two great professionals backing me up, and I even surprised myself with my abilities. All in all, it was a great start to this new direction I'm heading in musically, and I couldn't be more excited.

Hopefully, I'll have some more gigs at Ross's, as well as a few other places, to announce soon. As of right now, my next scheduled gig is at DeVino's Bar and Bistro on Rte 35 in Hazlet on Friday April 18th. That will be with Nick Esposito on guitar. The following Saturday, the 26th, I'll be playing with both Nick and Joe.

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