Studio Updates (From an Updated Studio)

Here's your bearded and bedraggled hero finishing up my epic "Eli's Escape" painting. A quick look at the size of the brush I'm using compared to the size of the canvas and amount of detail therein should tell you exactly why it's taking me so long to finish the damned thing. The past week has seen me put in some ridonkulous hours at my desk, easel, and night job slinging drinks. So far, though, it has only begun to effect my appearance and not my work.

I've started a few other pieces during breaks in this one for the sake of my own sanity, but I'm going to save posting all these pieces until we get closer to June 13th when I'll be displaying them all at the G-Men Super Show in Secaucus.

Below you'll find pics of my li'l studio setup with my new easel. I finally replaced my dinky old p.o.s. folding easel with a real mamma jamma that can accomodate canvases up to 84 inches high. That's right... 84 inches, bitch. Who says size doesn't matter?

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