So, Here's The Plan...

Now, that I have that Giants Super Show out of the way, and finished these commissions that were due this week, I'm finally moving on to more of the art that I hope will define me from now on. I've got a few more sports art pieces I want to finish, so I can finally go out and start selling that portfolio. Then, I want to do a series of jazz inspired pieces, a series of portraits of women (kind of sexy, but not cheesecake, pin-up stuff), and maybe even just some plein air landscapes.

I'm working on hooking up a public showing in October, and then spending the rest of summer prepping for that.

Starting next week, I'll also be posting videos up here. Some will be video of me in the studio. Some will be comedy bits. But, each week I'll post a video of me performing a different song, and every other week will be a new original song that I've written. I'm sure half of them will be crap, but with kind of output there's bound to be a few gems.

So, please, check the blog often, become a fan of Craig Mahoney Studios on facebook, and tell all your friends. There's gonna be some very interesting shit goin' down.

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