New LT Painting

Here are some pics of a painting of Lawrence Taylor coming up behind John Elway I began last week, and spent the day working on at the Giants Super Show. I had a great time at the show, and met a lot of Giants and great Giants fans. I didn't sell as much art as I would have liked, but I did make a number of contacts and even managed to get Eli Manning and Phil Simms to autograph my stuff.

The organizer of the show tried to get LT to stop and look at my painting on the way out, but he was in a pretty big hurry to leave. He gave it a quick glance, and asked me why Elway's releasing the ball in the pic. "Why can't you do one where I hit him before he releases the ball?" "It's not my fault!" I said, "You should've hit him before he released the ball!" It's still a cool pic, and I really like the way the painting's coming so far. I'll post more updates throughout the next week or two.

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