"I'm Wide Awaaa-aake!

I'm not sleeping" - U2, Bad

After a month breaking my ass putting the new studio together, putting together all that Giants art, doing a few commissioned portraits, some side jobs, a few odd jobs, and my 4 nights a week bartending, I spent the last 2 days pretty much doing nothing but sleeping.

However, I wake up to a world where my bills are finally getting paid, the summer has arrived, I've just about locked down a spot for my first public exhibition in October, and I'm chock full of ideas for new pieces to put on the walls up there.

I also wake up to a world where the Yankees seem to be getting back on track and making a run for the division again. I will actually be making my first trek to the new Big Church in the Bronx tonight with my old man to see Joba try and lead the Yanks past the Seattle Mariners. So, check back here all night as I'll be posting pics and comments live from the stadium to both the blog and my twitter feed.

Tomorrow, I'll begin posting some of the new stuff I'll be working on.

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