Still Here. Don't Worry, Folks

Hey, I checked the stat counter and noticed this blog's been getting some traffic lately. And, of course, that's the exact time I pick to slack off on the posts. I've been busy the last few days gettting my ass kicked training for a half marathon, rooting for the Giants, celebrating the Giant win, and doing some recording.

I'll post some thoughts on the Giants, as well as a few links, later on today and, hell, for the next 11 days. I'll also post one of the songs the guys and I worked on, with a few notes on the recording. And, yes, I will also post new pics and updates on some new drawings and paintings.

So, a super big happy fun thank you to everyone that's been stoppin' by. Click by again later on today and throughout the week. I promise you there will be plenty of goodies for everyone.

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