Let's Hear It For Big Blue!

I know it's a few days late, but I would be remiss if I didn't do a little gloating and celebrating over the Giants sweet, gooey, candylike win over the Dallas Cowboys. The much maligned Jints are now just one Favre-in-the-freezer game away from the Super Bowl, they've finally coalesced into a team, and li'l bro Eli's all grows'ed up.

It's a really great feeling to root for a team like this and watch them grow and succeed over a seaason. At times, during the season it wasn't fun at all, but seeing them overcome a number of obstacles and really come together as a team - as a coach and team, I should say - is great for any fan. Especially when it culminates in an unexpected run to the NFC Championship game.

And, especially when it comes at the expense of Jerry Jones, Terrell Owens, Patrick Crayton, and thousands of obnoxious, asshole Cowboy fans.

Plus, it saves the country from a possible Dallas/Patriot Super Bowl in which no one would be able to decide who to root against and America's collective head would've exploded. If anyone should get the chance to take the Patriots and their insufferable fans down, it should be good ol' boy Favre and the heartland Packers or li'l bro Eli and the surprising Giants.

Here's a few goodies to help all you Giants fans celebrate the win:

From The Onion: "Jessica Simpson Completes Elaborate Plan To Destroy Cowboys' Season"

A downloadable Eli wallpaper of my own from a while ago:

And, finally this nice recap of the '07 Cowboys:

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