The New King of Queens

I'd like to congratulate the Mets and their fans on aquiring Johan Santana (pending physical and contract talks) yesterday. Moreover, I would like to thank them for keeping him away from the Red Sox and allowing the Yankees to keep Phil Highes and Melky Cabrera.

I've heard a lot of talk this morning over whether this is good news or not for the Yankees and Red Sox.

Of course it's good news! While either team would love to have him on their staff, they each, clearly, felt that the price was way too high and their teams were already pretty damn strong without Santana.

That's why both the Yankees and Sawx had all but left the bargaining table, leaving the Twins' poor rookie GM Bill Smith with no choice but to take the Mets offer - arguably the 4th best offer the Twins had for Santana this offseason (after 2 from the Red Sox and 1 from the Yankees.) So, please, please, do not turn on Sportscenter this morning and think that the Yankees or Sox somehow missed the boat on this or believe Mike Lupica's ri-cock-ulous assertion that , somehow, Omar Minaya stepped up and got the deal done that the Yankees couldn't. As a Yankee fan, this is honestly the outcome I wanted most.

The Mets will remain competitive (always fun for a Yankee fan), the Sox will not become a juggernaut behemoth, and the Yankees will hold on to some good, exciting young players. It's win-win for New York baseball fans. Now, the Twins fans... Man, they got pantsed.

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