More Francis A.

Before I officially call it a night, I thought I'd show ya's what I was up to today with that Sinatra oil piece I posted earlier. I've finished the hat and most of his right shoulder. I want to finish up the blues in the suit and let that dry a bit before going after his face and hand.

Compared to the original rough I laid out I thought I'd go with a brighter blue that "popped" a bit more. When I first started this a year and a half ago, I had planned on doing it completely photorealistic. Now, I want to do something a little more stylistic and "hyper-real". I'm still searching for a "signature look" or style of my own as far as painting goes, and I hope this will take me another step closer.

The first pic is the one I posted a few days ago, just to give a reference without having to scroll down. I'll have more over the weekend and, hopefully, something close to a finished product on Monday.

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