More Dames!

A li'l follow up to the previous post. I refined the rough pencil sketch into a graphic line drawing that I plan on inking, but I still haven't decided how I want to drop the color in. I'm not sure if I want to do a more subtle and realistic coloring job or something flatter and bolder. I originally wanted to do the whole thing in marker, but my marker set is old and incomplete, thereby ruling out any possibility of lightness or subtlety in her flesh tones. And, while I think I could get away with a flatter color job on her arms, hair, and dress, a more gradual shading would be better to define the shape of her face.

But... since I had the markers out, I decided to see what I could do with them; working from a pic in an old Victoria's Secret catalog. It's nothing spectacular, but a good first try with a new medium for me. In fact, I originally thought I was only gonna be able to do something very flat and graphic. If I knew I could get as close to realism as this I would've taken a bit more time on it. But, for something dashed off in about an hour, I'm pretty happy.

One more note - I wanted to do a more gradual gradation with the background (from dark pink to light to white) but I don't have the colors to do it. So, I improvised and gave her the Marvel superhero background you see now. But, hey, if a girl lookin' like that ain't super, nothin' is.

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