Crazy weekend. Great football games, great Giants win, and it looks like our boy Eli may finally have graduated to the big time. We'll see next week. Didn't do too much drawing or painting this weekend, but I did spend a li'l time with the wife's issue of Glamour, but instead of pulling a Costanza, I used it only for something to sketch and doodle from.

The first is me trying to mess with non-oil pastels, something I'd never done before. The second is a rough sketch that I want to put some color on, but I'm not sure how or in what medium. Like all heterosexual men (and, hey, why not? homosexual women, too), I love the female form, but, unfortunately, have never gotten entirely comfortable rendering it. So, in between some larger projects I'm working on, I'll be playing with the female form all week. Unfortunately, only on paper. Not in any significant physical, carnal, or in-some-states-illegal way.

So, here ya go, kids! Ogle away. There'll be more all week.

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