New Music - "Fly Me To The Moon"

You can hear the first song from my new 3 song demo, "Fly Me To The Moon", over at my MySpace page. Nick Esposito's on guitar and Joe Peterson handled bass duties.

Not having a whole lot of money to shell out on studio time, we decided to spend a few hours recording here in my living room. All the tracks were done live with no overdubbing, and were all pretty much done in only a take or two. For what it is, and it is meant to be nothing more than a quick sample to book gigs, I think it turned out well. Given the chance, I'd like to go back and perfect my vocals, but there's a nice freewheeling energy to the whole thing that I think works nicely.

Check it out and feel free to leave any comments you'd like.

I'll have the others finished and up next week.

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