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Rather than taking the lazy way out like I've been doing, and just posting links to some of the cool things I find on the web directly to facebook & twitter. I'm gonna try and collect them in little blog posts along with a sentence or two of commentary from me on each. So, here are your inaugural Monday morning links:

Do You Believe In Non-Miraculous But Still Extremely Impressive Upsets? by Joe DeLessio, from NYMag.com, on last night's thrilling USA upset victory over Canada in men's Olympic hockey. I only got to read tweets about as it was happening because I'm a broke-ass artist still trying to pool together enough dough to turn my cable back on. If I wasn't a sports fan I wouldn't miss live TV at all. Even without it, I've still been able to get to a bar or friend or relatives house to catch the games I really want to see, but last night was proof of how great sports is. You never know when you're gonna see something truly great or historic. Also, congrats to NBC on airing the most thrilling event of the games so far on MSNBC where plenty of people without cable missed it and, maybe more importantly, plenty others missed it in HD. That's the way to appeal to sports fans in 2010.

The NY Post's Joel Sherman has the whole story on the Yankees signing pitcher Chan Ho Park. I like the move. A nice, relatively inexpensive pickup that could add more depth to the bullpen.

Here's a cool little post, with audio, from Cartoon Brew on San Francisco singer/songwriter Meagan Lynch's debut album "Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me", which is a collection of classic American pop tunes made famous by early Looney Tune and Merry Melodies cartoons. Read more about it, and listen to the whole thing, at the Brew.

And, from the NY Times, comes this story on a conceptual art installation currently in Vancouver for the Olympics, that's a recreation of a bar in Belfast. That's right. They rebuilt The Whole. Fucking. Bar. Senator Blutarsky has nominated artist Theo Sims for a McArthur genius grant.

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