Help A Brutha Out

Starting today, if you look to the sidebar on the right of this blog, you'll notice a little "DONATE" button beckoning to you ever so invitingly. As most of you who follow me know, I don't make much money doing what I do. Most of the art I create is very labor-intensive and there's only so little I can charge before I start ripping myself off. I also put a lot of time into things like this blog and the podcast, and charge nothing for those. I enjoy everything I put out on this blog, my website, the podcast, twitter, youtube, etc. I want to keep producing it and throwing it up on the web for free. So, basically, like John Turturro in Miller's Crossing, I'm asking you to "look into your heart".

If you enjoy visiting the blog and checking out my drawings and paintings, if you laugh at my nonsense on twitter, want more videos and podcasts, and you've got a few dimes to spare, please click on that cute li'l golden button on the right and give whatever you're comfortable with to keep the operations here @ Craig Mahoney Studios humming along smoothly. It doesn't matter what you give. It could be $1. It could be $1000 (which would be AWESOME). If you can't afford to give anything, believe me, I understand. I still appreciate you comin' by.

Everyone who donates will get a personal shout-out and thanks from me here on the blog, and I'm gonna try to come up with some sort of a drawing to reward a lucky donor. Trust me, the more time I get to spend doing what I enjoy, the more you'll enjoy what I do. Thanks a lot, kids. And, as always, I love you all.

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