Buy Now - Eli's Escape

I'm currently in the middle of building an online store, where you'll be able to purchase all my new and unsold original art with a few clicks of your mouse. Until I get that up and running, though, I'm going to post a new piece each day along with the PayPal link to purchase it. Although I'll be featuring a different item every day, every piece will remain for sale, until it's, you know, sold. So, you'll be able to come back to each post at anytime, click the "Buy Now" button, and purchase the item whenever you feel like it.


The first item up for sale is "Eli's Escape", my 36"x24" acrylic painting on canvas featuring Eli Manning about to make the pass for the famous "Helmet Catch" in Super Bowl 42. The piece is also autographed by Eli, with the signature certified by In The Game Collectibles. Now, an extremely detailed piece like this, with over two months of labor put into it, and autographed by a Super Bowl MVP, should sell for a couple of grand at least. But, since I know that's an extremely prohibitive price for most people, and because, let's face it, I'm a broke-ass, starving artist trying to jump start operations here at Craig Mahoney Studios and can use any dough I get... I'm offering it to one lucky duck for a mere $800. So, click that juicy little golden button and become the proud owner of what is not only a stunning piece of original artwork, but a one-of-a-kind sports collectible depicting one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history.

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