Craig Mahoney & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Podcast

Last week I finally recorded my first podcast. It went well, as far as 1st podcasts go. Basically, it's 34 min. of me emptying my brain into a microphone. I was a bit nervous and didn't get to a few things I had wanted to, and, around the 20 min. mark, I spend about 5 min. dancing around a point on American anti-intellectualism without ever quite nailing it. However, I was pleased enough to release it to the general public, and you can listen to it (and all future podcasts) at craigmahoney.mypodcast.com.

I've begun lining up guests for future podcasts and was lucky enough to have as my 1st guest Laura Gesin, the Jersey Shore social networking maven & founder of VoxPopNJ. We spent a great hour talking about a great many things, I thanked her for coming, promised to see her @ VPNJ's next event, and then sat down to mix down and upload the podcast. Unfortunately, the recording that I encountered was, to use a technical term, "completely and utterly fucked". I won't get into all the techie aspects, but I could not release what I heard to the public.

So, I now herewith give my public apology to Ms. Gesin, who will return to re-record this Monday, and urge you all to head to VoxPopNJ.com, follow her on twitter as @AsburyPop, and check out some of her great social networking workshops like the one coming up on Sat, Feb 27th @ The Showroom in Asbury Park entitled "Social Networking For Creative People". I'll be there to say a few words, and it will be followed by a screening of some local indie films. So, please, go ahead and check all that out, then listen to the podcast. You'll thank me later.

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