Drawing of the Day: Day 1

Hey, welcome to 2010, kids. A decade into the 21st century & I still have neither a jetpack nor a robot maid. Somebody got some 'splainin to do there. Huh, Mr. Scientist? Mr. Fancy Pants White Lab Coat? Where's my JETPACK?!

Anyway, I've got a few new features I'll be adding to this blog over the next week or two, but the first one that I'm bringing to you fine folks here on this first Monday morning of 2010, your first work day of the new decade, is my Drawing of the Day (!!!). Huh, how about that?! Think of it as my gift to you to brighten your miserable little day.

I'll be posting something new every goddamned day, whether it be a quick li'l sketch on a cocktail napkin or a full-blown painted illustration. I figure it would be a nice way to constantly bring new content to the blog, but to also try some new stuff myself: new mediums, new styles, new ideas, whatever. And, here's the best part: every single f***ing one will be available for purchase! That's right. You will have a chance to have your very own original Craig Mahoney drawing for a very reasonable price, and I may finally graduate from Ramen Noodles and canned corned beef hash to Hot Pockets and Velveeta Shells & Cheese.

To start us off, I bring you the li'l marker drawing I did of Anton Chigurh last night while watching No Country For Old Men. It's 5.5"x8.5" and only $10. Slainte, kids.

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