What'd I Miss?

Well, so much for that blog post/drawing everyday shit. My PC started weirding out on me over the weekend, and I've spent the last few days off the grid; cobbling together a replacement to get back online and start putting together all the crap I'd planned for this month. And, yes, I know all you Mac people out there are thinking "That's what you get for owning a PC! If you had a Mac you wouldn't have these problems!" Well, excuse me! Let me just put on my top-hat and monocle, get in my solid gold car, and drive to the store to spend 2 months' rent on a Mac. I'm an artist. I'm poor. So, a PC it is. Dicks. Anywho, here's some really shitty cellphone pics of what I've been up to the last week:.

Let's see... Here's the "Nature Girl" thingy I posted a sketch of awhile back. It's a 36"x48" acrylic, marker, and photo collage mixed media on canvas. You can check it out @ In Spirit Living, 560 Broadway, Long Branch. You can buy it there, too!

We also have some dopey sketches for a piece I want to do of an action spy scene in an early 60's cartoon style. I actually want to do a series of these with private eyes, superheroes, robots, space aliens, and other geeky, pulpy shit.

 I don't know who this fat man smoking the cigar is or why I drew him. My mind goes strange places when I'm doodling.

Finally, here's an update on the Michael Jordan painting I started in the summer. I'm finishing it up this week

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