New Look Coming Soon

I'm spending the next few days putting together the new website, which will also give the blog a new look, and will be launching "Craig Mahoney 2.0" next week. I'm referring to it as CM2.0 not just because of the new look but also because I'm going to be taking my art into some new places, expanding my web presence, getting involved with some charity work, and trying a lot of new shit. In general, I'll be using my art and music as a way to experiment and explore new ideas and help others out instead of the old "you pay me money and I will sing you a song and/or draw you a picture of Derek Jeter" philosophy of CM1.0. Basically, I'll be more of an artist and less of a whore. I say less of a whore, which means I'll still be doing a little bit of whoring. Hey, a man's gotta eat!

I'm still going to update this blog daily, even if it's just Quote of the Day stuff, until then, but there will be less new artwork to look at until next week.

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