Yankee Doodles

Get it? "Yankee Doodles"? Because I'm doodling Yankees, and... It's the name of a song!!! Gosh, I'm clever.

Anywho, I'm trying to polish up my caricaturing skillz. And, I figure a great way to do that is to just sit with a sketchbook and pen in my hand while I'm watching some TV and have at it. With that in mind, these are far from perfect, but I think they is a'ight.

For all of you regular readers out there (are you out there?), this is gonna be a regular feature as it is nice to take a break from some bigger pieces and just go nuts with pen and pencil. Not necessarily just Yankee doodles, but all sorts. I'm gonna be going dipsy doodles with all my doodling.

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