See The Yanks For a Good Cause

From Pete Abraham's LoHud Yankees Blog:


My good friend Dan Traum, who I met in the first grade and have been friends with ever since, was a huge Yankees fan. He and I had been to dozens of games over the years sitting in the bleachers during the really bad years of Dent, Green, Merrill et al.

Dan was thrilled about the upcoming season and for the first time in his life bought season tickets, as he wanted to be there to see the Yankees open a new stadium. He finally bought those tix about 10 days before the season started. A few days later, Dan tragically passed away in his sleep of a heart condition at the age of 34. The next day the tickets arrived in the mail. He never got to see the new stadium.

Dan’s family has started a foundation in his name to raise money for a scholarship fund for the high school that we attended together and they are using the tickets to try and raise money for the foundation. They have set up an auction on ebay to sell the tix and we are trying to spread the word to as many people as possible in order to help sell the tickets.

I certainly know how tough times are these days so raising money is really a challenge, and there (unfortunately) are plenty of seats available but if people buy these tickets it will help raise enough money to really make a difference in starting the Daniel Traum Scholarship Fund.

Dan was such a good guy and anything we can do to help his name live on would mean a lot to his family.

It was signed by a blog reader named Daniel."

Here's the link to their eBay page. Sounds like a good deal to me. You get to see a game at the new stadium, help out some high school kids, and help a fellow Yanks fan's name live on. I wish his family the best of luck with it, as well as sympathies for their loss.

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