Thank God April's Over - Games 24 thru 29

I apologize for not posting in a week. I spent last Thursday night through Wednesday morning on a nice 5 day bender that included a singing gig, a trip to Manhattan and Yankee Stadium, and my 30th birthday party (That's right. I'm 30 now.) Maybe bender's a strong word, but for nearly five days almost my entire diet consisted of beer, cigars, and various grilled, fried and otherwise processed meats and cheeses. So... bottom line, no new Yankee pics for you.

Not that there was much to post about. I'll have more to write about later tonight or tomorrow. Let's just say it was not a good few days for the Yankees and I was glad I spent most of it in a haze. Here's the pics now:

Game 24 - Pettitte roughed up. Yankees 4, INDIANS 6
Game 25 - Another loss for Kennedy. Yankees 3, INDIANS 4
Game 26 - Wang the stopper. YANKEES 1, Indians 0
Game 27 - Moose the crafty veteran. YANKEES 5, Indians 2
Game 28 - Hughes is still cold. Yankees 4, Tigers 6
Game 29 - Thank God April's over. Yankees 6, TIGERS 2

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