Blog Update, Yankee Drawings

Hey, kids. My apologies to my regular readers for not being around the last week or so. Honestly, after spending last weekend as best man in my friend Murph's wedding (and a big congrats to he and his lovely bride Patricia), celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday, singing with the trio, and then doing Mother's Day (whew! what a long weekend!) I'd be able to get back to my daily Yankee game drawings while also getting back to work on a few other projects.

However, I have some good news for me and bad news to the people visiting this blog to see my li'l Yankee thoughts and doodles. I've managed to wrangle a few public showings this summer, culminating in what I hope will be a nice music/art showcase in September. So, in addition to trying to book the trio, my main focus will be at the painting easel these next few months, and I will not have the extra hour or two a day to spend on each and every Yankee game.

Although, I'll still be doing some cool Yankee paintings, as well as some othere sports pieces, Giants Super Bowl stuff, a few jazz paintings, and some general man-I-really-like-beer-cigars-and-wine paintings. In fact, I'll be doing them far more often and quicker than in the past, so there will still be some cool stuff to check out, not to mention updates on my singing gigs with some accompanying multimedia.

To wrap up, I won't be here every day anymore, but you'll still see at least two or three great new things each week. So, I hope those of you that have stumbled across my little slice of the interwebs continue to stop on by.

And, of course: Go Yankees! (I mean, come on, last place? You're better than that.)

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