Craig Mahoney and Deftet UNITE!

Oh, baby! Sunday night saw the official first voyage of the Craig Mahoney/Deftet good ship of awesomeness at RED in Red Bank. They swung, I sung, and the heavens rejoiced. I also debuted my new and exciting Christmas '07 beard.

In all honesty, I was a little shakier than I wanted to be. Literally. I had the shakes. We held a sort of impromptu rehearsal/holiday party the night before and I was ambushed by a pack of 8.8% alcohol special pilseners. They were closely followed by a marauding band of Sierra Nevada Celebration and Pale Ales. By Sunday morning, dead soldiers lay everywhere and I suffered from some serious combat wounds.

So, most of the set was spent with me concentrating extra hard just to stay on key and keep my brain from sliding out my ear. I did hit all the right notes in most of the right spots, but I never felt like I truly owned any of the songs. I was never in the pocket. At least until the last set when I redeemed myself a bit with some decent renditions of Fly Me To The Moon, Winter Wonderland, and One For My Baby. Although, the shape I was in probably helped with the interpretation of that last one. Overall, though, I'd say the night was a success.

For those of you who missed it, we're doing it all again this Sunday, and it's only gonna get better. So, take your chance to be a part of history and come dig the great food, booze, and music. In fifty years you'll be able to tell your grandchildren you were there.

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