Whither CraigMahoney.com?

The last week or two 'round the studio, I've been spending time trying to refocus my career a bit and to simplify and streamline things here @ CMHQ. One of the things I'm considering is, rather than finish building the last few pages of craigmahoney.com, completely tearing the thing down. I'd redirect the homepage to this blog, use Flickr to host my portfolio, and host any music I record on MySpace Music. I'd still keep my webhosting account and use it to host my podcast, which I'd post up here, and an online store for all my original art. Any t-shirts or prints I wanted to sell would be through Zazzle or RedBubble.

Now, while that would certainly be simpler for me, would it be easier for you out there in webland? Would you find that too difficult to figure out and navigate? Would it look less professional? I don't look at it as being more complicated because, instead of having to build a number of different pages for my site, I'd just upload content to various websites. The links page at the side of this blog would take the place of the menu on my website. So, what say you? I really do want feedback. Post in the comments below or hit me up facebook and twitter.

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