Save CM Studios

Most of you who follow the various things I do here on the interwebs are aware of my status as a starving artist, as well as the "donate" button on the left of this page. However, I've been a little cagey about the true nature of the dire financial straits I'm in here. Unfortunately, I've been out of work for nearly 3 months with rapidly dwindling resources and little-to-no income. If I can't come up with the rent by the end of this month, I will find myself without a place to live or work. That means no more Craig Mahoney Studios. So, I'm asking all of you who read this blog, who follow me on facebook and twitter, and generally enjoy the art, music, and insanity I produce, to throw a couple of bucks in the till to keep this train rolling.

Now, I'm not asking for charity. I'm asking people to donate some money so that I can keep producing something they enjoy. In turn, I'll keep up my end of the bargain by bringing you even more; new art, music, videos, podcasts and blog posts.

In April, I'll be part of three public art exhibitions and be making my debut as a singer/songwriter with a new band. For the next month and a half I'll be documenting my preparations for these events and my struggles to keep CM Studios going in regular video diaries. I don't know if I'll be able to post a new one every day, but I'm gonna try. You're gonna be in on the band rehearsals, and the drawing and painting process as I mess around with some stylistic changes and new directions in my work. Whether these video diaries become a document of the end of my career or its new beginning remains to be seen.

So, please, if you can spare a couple of bucks to make a donation or buy a t-shirt, drawing, or painting, it will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. And, if you do like what it is I do here, please be sure to spread the word. Thanks.

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