Weds Just Got Better

Tomorrow night and every other Wed, from 7:30-midnight, you can catch me doing my solo acoustic thing @ The Wine Loft, Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ. For those of you who've seen me before, you know the deal. 4 hours of me doing the one-man-band thing and running through the last 50 years of popular music. This ain't some navel-gazing, coffee house, folkie acoustic gig. It's a party. So, come on down, drink up, and sing out. The first few nights have been great, and tomorrow, being Thanksgiving Eve and all, should kick a roomful of asses.

If you don't know about the Wine Loft, it's a sweet, hip lounge right on the water in Long Branch's Pier Village. Yes, they specialize in wine, but they also have a great food menu, all the liquor you could ever want, and even a few good beers by the bottle. And, if you show up early on Weds, you'll catch the tail end of their weekly free wine tasting, held every Wed from 5-7pm. Bottom line: Wed night @ The Wine Loft is the new awesome. Hope to see you there.

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