First Public Show This Oct!

Just a quick post to get back on track here and let everyone know I finally booked my first public show @ Jamian's in Red Bank this Oct (here's more info on Jamian's gallery). My stuff will be hanging on the walls all month and will even include some new types of art you haven't seen from me before.

So, the next two months are going to be a bowlful of insanity as I try to get as much humanly possible done for this thing. Be sure to follow the madness here, on my twitter account, and on the official CM Studios facebook page.

Below are previews of some of the things I'm working on. There's the beginnings of a 24"x36" Tiger Woods painting and some sketches for a series of paintings I'm calling 'Retro-Action' that are my cartoony way of expressing my love for mid-20th century pop culture, from B-movies to film noir to comic books and more.

And, yes, there's also a picture of 2 stick figures fucking.

Don't ask.

So, enjoy, kids! The next 2 months the artwork, blog posts, tweets and facebook updates will be coming fast and furious, and should be pretty damn entertaining as well. Bookmark these links and follow along as I head down the rabbit hole on the long journey to October.

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