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Hello, boys and girls. We're entering the homestretch as I put the final touches on the last few pieces for the show. I first want to thank all the new blog readers. Especially those of you from well outside of New Jersey (Hello, Belgium!). I also wanted to throw a li'l reminder up to follow me on twitter for all sorts of funtastic musings whilst I toil away at the easel, and to become a fan on facebook for cool links and access to all my online art galleries. Now time for another Red Bull & multi-vitamin. I gotta bust my ass!


Brandon said...

Hello, sir. This is Brandon from nyypinstriper.blogspot.com and yankeesbloggers.blogspot.com

If you wouldn't mind can you please add my sites to your yankees blogroll?

If you want I can add yours or even write a post about your work if you write it out for me....great work by the way


Brandon said...

Sorry, forgot to include contact information. Please reply to me at bco004@yahoo.com, instead of here. Thank you.

ManFrizzle said...

Hey Craig,

Very cool stuff man. Would love to swing through your exhibit - do you have any ballpark price you'll be slapping on these bad boys? Please send me an e-mail at matthewDOTmanfreATgmailDOTcom.