New Demo

Man, have I been away for awhile... Here's the deal for those of you that missed me. The Giants won the greatest Super Bowl ever. I spent last Monday hungover and reading just about every newspaper, sports site, and blog article on the game I could find. Tuesday morning I watched the victory parade, and then...

I essentially locked myself in the studio until I finished that Roethlisberger painting and then the band's demo.

Then on Friday I babysat my nephews.

Now you know.

So, here I am fresh as a daisy on a fine Monday morning with all sorts of great new things for you, my loyal readers. First off, is the band's demo. You can click here and listen to all 3 songs at my MySpace profile. I'll have them loaded up on craigmahoney.com by next week. Below is the artwork I put together for the cover.

I'll have the finished Roethlisberger up later in the day, with a little breakdown and analysis of the piece.

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